Flat ₹500 for any breed if you board your dogs for 30 days or over | 20% off on 2nd pet of same family | Annual Membership for Indie dogs and Pedigree dogs available 

Dog Boarding

While you’re on holiday, here’s where furry friends will spend their time in their custom-built dog boarding in Chennai.

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We take care of the dogs just like you or more than that because we are animal lovers who love dogs so much, we always take care the dogs with love and enjoy time with them.



We always maintain a happy environment so it makes the parents and dogs more happier. We will turn sad doggies to happy moods at our boarding place.



All the dogs are provided individual playtime in the turf, individual walk and baths. If the two or more dogs come from one family we won’t restrict their playtime together.

Dog Boarding in Chennai

Ginger’s pet stay is the best dog boarding in chennai. Our pet stay has a well maintained dog kennel which will make dogs more comfortable. We take care of your dogs, keeping them in good diet, walking and playtime. If your dog has separation anxiety we encourage you to bring something that smells like home. We make extra effort to make them feel comfortable and also provide timely updates about the boarded dogs.

Air Conditioned

We keep them safe and cool. All our kennels are Air conditioned and perfectly ventilated.


We make sure the place and kennels are kept clean. Our staffs are so friendly and has professional experience both in handling the dogs and maintaining the hygiene.

Luxury boarding

We do have an option of luxury boarding equipped with 32 sq.ft kennels. Dogs board more than three days also gets a free swim time.

Welcome Examination

We will take up your dog after a welcome interview for the first time to know about your pet right from the vaccine record and favorite toy. We will spend more time understanding your dogs to customize the schedule for your dog.

We always take a look at the vaccination record of all the dogs before boarding so that the dogs already boarded in our facility won’t get any infections. Don’t worry If your pet is taking drugs, the staff will load them up in their routine.

And we will analyze the dogs for ticks and well being status before boarding so it won’t affect the other boarded dogs in kennel. If the dogs have ticks we will make sure to remove them before getting them into the kennels.

Dog Kennel in Chennai

We have seen almost all the Dog kennels in Chennai so we knew how it needs to be designed and what other kennels are missing. We have the best kennels that make the dogs more comfortable. Our kennels are well ventilated and maintained regularly with air conditioner, automatic water dispensers.

And the kennels are covered with screens so the dogs won’t get furious while seeing other dogs. Ambient light setup inside the kennel rooms so that it will help the dogs to be calm and relax inside the kennels.

All the boarding kennels are dismantled, washed and spray with disinfectant once a week, then it is left over for 24 – 36 hours before placing it again. This make sure the dogs are staying in the cleanest place like their home.

Our staff monitor all the dogs in the kennels to make sure it is comfortable inside the dog kennel. And the dogs never feel like it’s stay in the hostel, we will make it feel like it’s a second home for them.

Beds for the pets are provided in the luxury kennels which will make the dogs more comfortable and happy. All the areas like kennels, swim area, lawn and halls are monitored with CCTV to make sure the dogs are safe during the stay.

Dog Playtime & Food

We train the dog to be active and healthy during the stay. We provide individual playtime in the yard for all the dogs in a day and 2 individual walking time. Even though we keep the schedule to all our pets if sometimes a dog feels low, we will put extra care (play, snuggle) to keep them feel secure and happy. We recommend you to bring some toys that would help them to be more relaxed during the stay.

We provide free dry foods (pedigree) twice a day for dogs if it’s a puppy it will be thrice, don’t worry we won’t charge you extra. And custom foods are given upon request like chicken rice, curd rice or egg rice. All the custom foods are prepared inside our boarding facility by a experienced staff.

All the dogs in dog boarding will be regulary brushed everyday and given bathe weekly once to keep them healthy, fresh and happy.

Dog Hostel in Chennai

You and your dog never feel a hostel like experience in our facility. We are setting the standard of dog boarding in Chennai and India. Our vast experience with dogs gives us the perfect insight on how to look after them and keep them active, safe and content. Stop scrolling and board your fur companion with us.

Benefits of Choosing Ginger’s Pet Stay

There are many facilities in dog boarding in Chennai but we stand out because we are not only equipped with experience but also with love.


Our kennels and staff keep you less worried about your companion. We are trained to handle the dogs with any temperament and condition. And very particular with the timings that need to be maintained with feeding, walking and playtime.

Loneliness & company

Your furry friend expects attention and needs a good company which will be fulfilled at our boarding facility than any other facility in Chennai, India. Our staff understand the dogs, provide attention and spend their time while you are away from your companion. We also ensure the dogs are active enough during the stay with a good diet to overcome boredom and loneliness.


As you there are many dog kennels available in chennai but our cost won’t bite your pocket like other pet stays. We keep nominal prices for dog boarding, dog daycare and even for dog swimming pool. We also provide free swim time for dogs that board more than 5 days in standary dog boarding and 3 days in the luxury dog boarding.

Dog Sitter vs Dog boarding:

Dog boarding is the best option when compared to the Dog sitting because our pet stay is carried out by professionals and whose primary profession is to take care of the dogs. While with sitters you can’t assure there will be monitoring throughout the day. Our stay is fully monitored by staff and cctv with customizable schedules according to the personality of the dogs.

We have been mentioned by our customers as the best dog boarding in chennai so let us love and play with your dog.

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Dog hostel in chennai to provide best time for your furry companion
Perfectly maintained dog play area


Ginger’s pet stay is the only all air conditioning dog boarding in Chennai. The people are very friendly and this is one of the few places which insist on vaccination records to keep cross-infection away from other dogs which come for boarding. Has good varieties of foods for pets and fully covered with CCTV.

Antony Rubin

Ginger’s pet stay is an awesome place to be for your pets in your absence. The place is well laid out, spacious, with 24 hrs surveillance on cctv, beautiful swimming pool, customised food care on request, courteous staff. The place is run by a couple who have rescued 1000s of dogs over the decade and have rehabilitated them with care, and found beautiful homes for them. They understand the needs of the animal and will give personal attention to every dog under their care. Your pet will never feel the sense of left alone at Ginger Pet Care. Go for it!


I am eternally grateful to Ginger’s Pet Stay because they gave me the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my doggies will be getting the very best of care. Thank you Jennifer for all you did, you kept my three doggies safe, healthy and very happy. I enthusiastically recommend Ginger’s Pet Stay to others.

Sarita Davidar


I have boarded my rescued Labrador Leo in Ginger’s Pet stay. He was abandoned by his parent. Jennifer mam took efforts in restoring his health by giving him quality diet and they played with him to bring out from his worst past. I can say that Ginger’s Pet stay is an awesome place for you to board your fur child. They are charging a nominal cost and the care takers are very friendly and they know how to handle them. I’m 200% satisfied and you can board your pet with the same assurance. The place is so hygienic n maintained in such a way. The best boarding place in Chennai, with the best care takers I have seen. Highly recommended
Manjula Ganesan


Ginger’s Pet Stay offers a clean and well maintained dog kennel experience at affordable prices. Both the luxury and standard boarding options include 2 walks/day, individual playtime in a securely fenced yard, dry food and air conditioned kennels. For dogs who enjoy swimming there is a pool. What stands out about this kennel is the owner, Jennifer, who is clearly an animal lover. She treated our nervous dog kindly, even adding chopped chicken to her food when she went on a “ hunger strike” at no additional cost. She provided us with frequent pics and updates, offering to video chat with us if we wanted. We will definitely return and recommend Ginger’s Pet Stay to others.
Bruce Sullivan


We finally found a home away from home, for our three fur babies. Ginger’s pet stay has a lovely garden, swimming pool and clean air-conditioned indoor boarding for dogs. The care given is excellent – good food, play time and a lot of love! Jennifer and Murali took extra care with my two girls who have nervous personalities and sent me videos and photos everyday. I can breathe a sigh of relief coz I can finally go on vacations and be at peace knowing my fur babies are receiving the best care!
We highly recommend Ginger’s pet stay – dog boarding in chennai!
Divya Vivek


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