Flat ₹500 for any breed if you board your dogs for 30 days or over | 20% off on 2nd pet of same family | Annual Membership for Indie dogs and Pedigree dogs available 

Dog Daycare



Our day care facility is very well maintained and kept clean. Our staff make sure there is no litter inside the facility so it will make sure dog doesn’t chew anything.



We keep the environment happy so that your dog feel like it’s home. We will turn sad doggies to happy moods at our boarding place.


Healthy Routine

All the dogs are provided with individual walk time, potty breaks and playtime in the lawn. And free dry foods which is customizable upon request.

Dog Day care that feels like second home

Don’t leave your dog alone anymore. Leaving your dog alone for a longer period of time may lead to excessive barking and stress to your dogs. So if you are skeptical about leaving your dog alone, consider leaving them in our daycare. Our facility is the best dog boarding in Chennai equipped with a 40ft swimming pool with knowledgeable pet friendly staff.

Benefits of Day Care

More concentration and peace:

You can stay relaxed and stop worrying about your dog at home so that you can be more productive during your work. We take care of your dogs by playing and providing foods and other supplements if necessary thus relieve you from worrying and put your mind at ease.

Relieves Stress and boredom:

A bored dog transfers starts to chew, ripping, tearing and destroy anything in the home, they will become more anxious and result in excessive barking and urination/defecate in the house itself. Just leaving your dog in the day care will save you from the mess and helps your dog to stay away from boredom and stress.

Affection and Love:

Your dog loves you so much and showing love towards the dogs helps the dogs to be more friendly and happy. When you are away to work, dogs will feel loneliness so there will be no love in that environment. Our staff are pet lovers who love dogs so much as you do. They will play, take them to walk, potty breaks and even cuddle with them if they feel low.


If your pet is undergoing some medication or sickness, it needs to be monitored and taken care extensively so we will take care of your furry friend when you are at work. Our staff are well educated to treat the dogs and keep them in the routine that will help the dogs to get cured soon.

Dog hostel in chennai to provide best time for your furry companion
Perfectly maintained dog play area

One of the best place for Dog boarding in Chennai. People who run the place are dam sweet and send constant updates when the dog is at their care. Has 24×7 CCTV , fully air-conditioned rooms and the best is the swimming pool for dogs. Would recommend people to take their dogs for a swim over the weekend.

Antony Rubin

Wonderful place to board your dogs when your traveling. Very reasonable pricing clean and safe place . 24×7 CCTV Clean water and super and clean swimming pool.

Shaikul Akbar

I am eternally grateful to Ginger’s Pet Stay because they gave me the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my doggies will be getting the very best of care. Thank you Jennifer for all you did, you kept my three doggies safe, healthy and very happy. I enthusiastically recommend Ginger’s Pet Stay to others.

Sarita Davidar


The place is so clean, airy and neat that I have requested Jenny for a room for myself :-)) Maya has become so well trained and Gundu. The fresh air, running around, swimming in the clean pool has helped her a lot.
Sowmya Iyer


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