Flat ₹500 for any breed if you board your dogs for 30 days or over | 20% off on 2nd pet of same family | Annual Membership for Indie dogs and Pedigree dogs available 

Dog Swimming Pool



Our boarding is attached with the swimming pool which is maintained and cleaned frequently. The swimming pool is well treated and recycled to keep the water fresh and clean.



The swimming pool in our pet stay is one of the biggest swimming pool for dogs in Chennai. We also have an option for you to swim along with your pet.



Our dog swimming area is present in the backyard and fenced with walls which makes you and your dog more comfortable to swim and spend the time.

Swimming Pool that your pet loves

Most of the dogs love to swim and swimming is the best exercise for your dog which helps to beat the heat and lose few excess kilos. You never find a nice, clean and safe facility like Ginger’s pet stay. There is a turf near the swimming so that dogs can take some breaks while swimming.

Fresh water

One minute of swimming is equal to 4 minutes of running. It also helps in strengthening heart and lungs of the dogs. Swimming is beneficial as therapy for dogs who are rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, have joint problems, or are older or overweight.

Stress Buster

Swimming is not just great for your dog’s physical health but it is also beneficial for their mental wellbeing. Is your dog low? Get your dog to us now !

Free swim time

We provide free swim time for dogs that board more 5 days in standard boarding and more 3 days in luxury boarding.

Dog hostel in chennai to provide best time for your furry companion
Perfectly maintained dog play area

One of the best place for Dog boarding in Chennai. People who run the place are dam sweet and send constant updates when the dog is at their care. Has 24×7 CCTV , fully air-conditioned rooms and the best is the swimming pool for dogs. Would recommend people to take their dogs for a swim over the weekend.

Antony Rubin

Wonderful place to board your dogs when your traveling. Very reasonable pricing clean and safe place . 24×7 CCTV Clean water and super and clean swimming pool.

Shaikul Akbar

I am eternally grateful to Ginger’s Pet Stay because they gave me the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my doggies will be getting the very best of care. Thank you Jennifer for all you did, you kept my three doggies safe, healthy and very happy. I enthusiastically recommend Ginger’s Pet Stay to others.

Sarita Davidar


The place is so clean, airy and neat that I have requested Jenny for a room for myself :-)) Maya has become so well trained and Gundu. The fresh air, running around, swimming in the clean pool has helped her a lot.
Sowmya Iyer


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